Artavi Med Spa is proud to be able to offer this treatment for our patients. The service is meant for those that have prominent spider veins, commonly referred to as varicose veins, causing an unwanted cosmetic appearance. These veins most commonly appear on the legs but can appear anywhere on the body. A highly concentrated salt solution will be injected into these veins causing them to disappear gradually over a period of 3-6 weeks.


+ What is sclerotherapy?

This is a procedure that is used to sclerose a faulty vein by causing it to scar and collapse away. In addition to the cosmetic benefit, treatment of these faulty veins almost always results in improved blood flow in the overall vein system.

+ Will my spider veins or varicose veins reoccur, even after treatment?

Sometimes these veins may reoccur especially if the factors that predisposed you in the first place (i.e.- family history, pregnancy, obesity, female hormones,etc..) remain or return. Once a specific vein is sclerosed however, it usually does not return.

+ How much does sclerotherapy cost?

The charge is a set price for 30 minutes. If less or more time is required, we will try and accommodate you as each person is different. For more accurate pricing information, please call us or come in for your free consultation.

+ How long does a sclerotherapy treatment take?

We charge for this service on a 30 minute basis. We will sclerose as many veins as we can during those 30 minutes. If you have far less veins needing treatment than the 30 minutes, we can pro-rate this charge for you.

+ When will I see results?

Some of the veins may be collapsed immediately depending on the size. In general you should expect some redness following the procedure and the treated veins should disappear within 3-6 weeks.

+ Does the treatment hurt?

The procedure is very minimally painful. Most patients find that they don’t require any numbing or pain medications and some do not notice the procedure being done at all.

+ Are there any side effects?

Side effects include those expected with any needle injections such as pain, swelling, or bruising. Other complications at risk are hyperpigmentation, syncope, localized itching, skin irritation, and ulcers. The risk of these are higher when performed by an inexperienced injector.