Skinceuticals Facials

Facials at Artavi are performed using high quality, medical grade products from the prestigious SkinCeuticals line and exfoliants with the intention to bring about real results. At some point, facials at day spas begin to work less to truly exfoliate your skin and prevent or correct the signs of aging. This is when medical facials come in to deliver the superior results you are searching for. Our facials are combined with either an AHA/BHA peel or dermaplaning depending on your specific concerns and skin type. There is no downtime associated with these facial treatments. Performing these facial treatments ensures the skin is primed for optimal absorption of topical skincare products.

After a definitive skin assessment, our certified medical aesthetician will speak with you to determine which products will treat your skin care concern best depending on your skin type. We only use the most premium, cutting edge medical grade ingredients made by SkinCeuticals. Every facial includes a deep cleansing, extractions, application of appropriate masks, serums, creams, and sun protection. The finishing touch is our personalized skin care program specially recommended for you by our physician or esthetician based on your skin type.


Hydrating Botanical Facial

A refreshing treatment to soothe and hydrate the skin using botanicals, rosewater tonic and herbs. Lactic acid gently exfoliates, hydrates, and brightens the skin while an herbal hydrating mask and a few drops of our flawless lipids will add the skin’s natural ceramides and sphingolipids back into the skin. Vitamin C is added to help even out skin tone and illuminate the skin. We finish off with a green tea mist to refresh and hydrate and apply our replenishing sunblock for protection.

Perfect for dry or sensitive skin types.

50 minutes, $125

SkinCeuticals Brighten & Rejuvenate Facial

This is a brightening treatment to specifically target uneven, dull skin tone using balanced concentrations of powerfully active ingredients consisting of hydroxyacids, botanicals, AHA, BHA, and aloe barbadensis. A Vitamin C firming mask and Vitamin CE Ferulic serum drenches the skin with brightening antioxidants and then seals in moisture with our triple lipid restore. Ultimate sun protection is applied and the skin leaves feeling radiant and plump for a glowing complexion.

Perfect for dull skin.

50 minutes, $175

SkinCeuticals Age-Defying Oxygen Infusion Facial

Our restorative treatment combining a powerful AHA peeling agent with our oxygen boosting mask increasing the skin’s oxygen content by 80% and revitalizing its cellular energy. Fight oxidative stress and aging with a proprietary blend of anti-oxidants, Vitamin CE Ferulic, and anti-aging actives including glutathione, copper, algae peptides, DMAE, alpha lipoid acid and retinol at their highest levels. Triple lipids restore the skin’s natural moisture. This treatment helps improve overall skin health with continued use.

Perfect for aging skin.

50 minutes, $150

SkinCeuticals Acne Clearing Facial

A powerful acne treatment using microbeads and a blend of AHAs and BHAs to exfoliate the layers of dead skin cells, bacteria, dirt and sebum that have impacted into the skin. Afterwards, the skin is nourished and rehydrated with calming dipeptides, pure active botanicals, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin rich serums. Thyme and cucumber extracts calm any skin irritation and the treatment is completed with an oil-free Vitamin E moisturizer and UV defense sunscreen.

Perfect for acne skin types.

50 minutes, $150

SkinCeuticals Lunch Time Brightening Peel

A quick superficial exfoliating peel using concentrated fruit acids, glycolics, and emblica amla extracts to simultaneously brighten, soften, and hydrate the face. A megadose of Vitamin C works as a strong antioxidant and stimulates collagen deposition and promotes an even skin tone. The peel is completed with drops of the coveted CE Ferulic and phytocorrective gel.

Perfect for maintaining an even and glowing complexion.

30 minutes, $120



+ How are your medical facials different from the ones available in day spas?

The skincare products used at Artavi Med Spa are high quality, medical grade products that are only available through a physician’s office. Medical facials are results oriented and contain higher concentrations of active ingredients.